Sickness Absence and Return to Work Assessments



Proactive management of sickness absence is essential to reduce the

costs of ill health and injury that can significantly impact on business



The CIPD states that on average sickness absence costs employers

£522 per employee every year. This figure does not take into account

the cost of production delays, additional temporary labour, impact on

team working and loss of further business.


Early intervention is critical to ensure that an employee is gaining the

right treatment for their complaint and functionality is assessed to plan

an early return to work. Bell Work Health is skilled in assessing absent

cases and if required advising on practical adjustments that will enable

a safe return to work.


Sickness absence management can be particularly challenging for

managers due to the nature of the sensitive, confidential and legal

issues involved. We have the up to date knowledge and skills to

question fit note certification and provide definitive advice to assist

in the management of complex cases.


Where no ongoing health problems are found we provide clear

reports allowing managers to handle poor attendance decisively.


Our specialist case management service


✓   works to identify the actual reason for an employees

      absence or poor performance by discussing the issue

      in confidence with the employee


✓   liaises with the employee's GP / hospital consultant /

      physiotherapist as necessary to ensure suitable and 

      prompt treatment is received


✓  can request appropriate and pertinent medical information

     from the employee's GP / hospital consultant with their

     consent and your agreement to costs


✓   can arrange an independent medical assessment

      with the employee's consent and your agreement

      to costs, with one of Bell Work Health's associate

      medical specialists


✓   checks that advice given by an employee's GP is

      appropriate and can challenge unfit and fit note



✓   provides you with a clear comprehensive report


Reports to management where relevant will cover the following information:


  • if the reason for absence is due to a medical condition
  • if sickness absence is likely to improve
  • whether the employee is Fit, Fit with restrictions, temporarily Unfit or Unfit
  • when the employee is likely to be fit to return to work
  • if the employee is covered by the disability provisions of the Equality Act
  • if reasonable adjustments are required and for how long
  • if the condition is Work-Related or not
  • if there are any health and safety issues
  • if there are any recommended work restrictions and their duration
  • if a GP or Specialist report is required
  • if a further review or referral is recommended and by who
  • if redeployment or ill health retirement should be sought
  • if the condition should be reported under RIDDOR (1995)
  • if further Risk Assessment is required


 Our service includes


  • management referral paperwork including consent form and information for employees


  • face-to-face or telephone consultation with the employee


  • an Occupational Health Report within the agreed timescale


  • administration of letters for medical reports, support agencies
    and other referrals


  • single point of contact to provide updates on the referral process


  • occupational health clinical notes written and securely held by
    Bell Work Health, unless otherwise agreed


  • a cognitive behavioural approach for employees who are likely to
    benefit from this intervention


  • impartial support at case conferences


  • provision of specific advice sheets for the employee
    e.g: stress management, back care, managing shift work etc


  • trend analysis on the cases referred by your business.

    This information is collated and reported to you on an annual
    basis to proactively assist your attendance management.