Night Worker Health Assessments



Under the Working Time Regulations (1998), organisations must offer employees who work night shifts or who transfer to night work annual health assessments.


If a medical condition is identified as being related, caused or exacerbated by night work, then the employer must take reasonable steps to modify and transfer the employee to working
hours that would not adversely affect the employee's health.


By providing this service your business demonstrates its commitment

to employees' health, safety and welfare and is compliant with health

and safety legislation.



Confirmation of an employee's fitness to perform night work may be obtained following the individual completing a Working Time Health questionnaire and in infrequent cases by correspondence with the employee's GP and / or following a health assessment.


Bell Work Health will provide the company with a Fitness to
Work Certificate and if necessary documentation of any
recommendations, limitations and adjustments to be considered.


Dependent on whether further medical information is required

Bell Work Health will notify you of an employee's fitness to perform

shift / night work within 48 hours of receipt of the questionnaire.