Post Offer Employment Health Screening



It is your responsibility under the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) to ensure that prospective employees and those being redeployed are fit to perform the jobs you offer and that their health is not damaged by work.


Pre placement health assessments are performed after the candidate has been offered the job to assess a candidate's
fitness to work.


Pre employment / pre placement health screens:


✓ assess current health problems that may affect the
    prospective employee's ability to give an effective
    and reliable service
✓ provide necessary advice on how to meet the legal
    obligations of disability provisions of the Equality Act,
    Working Time Regulations and other health and safety  
✓ enable information to be given to the prospective
    employee on health protection at work and  how
    to improve physical and mental well-being
✓ identify the unfit prospective employee thus preventing
    a safety risk to themselves and others   
✓ enable baseline medical information to be collected if

    required for future health surveillance purposes



Assurance that prospective employees are physically and psychologically

able to take on the role for which they have been recruited may be given

following completion of a health questionnaire and in infrequent cases

following correspondence with the applicant's doctors and / or a medical.