Health Surveillance Screening


Health surveillance is a process where employees

who are exposed to certain health hazards undergo

specific medical tests in order to detect early signs

of work related ill health.


Bell Work Health can identify your health surveillance

requirements, provide on site health screening and

advise on appropriate action if occupational disease

is identified.




Coupling health surveillance with the risk assessment

process enables


✓    your company to determine whether your control measures

       to prevent ill-health are working effectively


✓    prevention and early detection of work-related ill-health


✓    your company to meet its legal obligations as stipulated

       by health and safety regulations


✓    prevention of litigation and prosecution


✓    a reduction in sickness absence and associated medical costs


✓    an increase in productivity


✓    your company's reputation to be protected



Examples of health surveillance:


audiometric tests for employees exposed to noise


lung function tests for workers exposed to chemicals

and other respiratory sensitisors e.g. dusts, gases,

welding fumes, paints, solvents, latex, flour


skin assessment for those exposed to isocyanates,

latex, chemicals, oils, dyes etc


blood tests for those working with lead, certain chemicals


hand arm vibration tests for workers exposed to vibration




Our specialist health surveillance service can meet your requirements by


  • providing advice on appropriate risk reduction measures


  • visiting your business site to undertake employee health surveillance


  • providing and interpreting health surveillance questionnaires


  • conducting the appropriate tests with fully calibrated and serviced equipment


  • interpreting the test results and arranging referrals to  Bell Work Health's associate specialists if required


  • providing a Fitness to Work Certificate following health surveillance


  • advising whether a condition should be reported under RIDDOR


  • providing an anonymised health report of collated employees for you to manage ill-health trends


  • providing education sheets to encourage health protective behaviour and early reporting of ill health symptoms


  • maintaining a recall system to ensure employees do not miss future health surveillance tests


  • securely filing occupational health clinical records at Bell Work Health premises, unless otherwise agreed