Health Promotion and Wellbeing Screening



Research shows that companies who have implemented health promotion schemes at work have found that it costs less to educate workers about controllable health risks and to facilitate healthy lifestyles than it is to pay for the costs of ill health.


Enabling employees to meet their health needs not only assists your business to combat a deterioration in your workforces health

and subsequent poor production levels, but your business
corporate image will be raised.The improvement in external
perceptions of the company may not only add value to your
business service /products, but may also attract better
applicants to work at your organisation.




Bell Work Health can provide a variety health promotion interventions based on employees' changing health needs and circumstances. Personal and workplace healthcare issues may be targeted through


  •     Health promotion days


  •     Wellbeing health screens


  •     Health education material to supply to your workers


Any of the above activities may be arranged to tie in with your

current health programmes or national events, such as,

Men’s Health Week, Cancer Prevention Week and No Smoking Day.


Onsite health assessments performed by a health professional are

a valuable opportunity for employees to be informed of their health risks

and be provided with evidence based advice on how to protect and

manage their health.