Fitness to Work Assessments

It is your responsibility under the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) to ensure that temporary and permanent employees are fit to perform their jobs  and that their health is not damaged by work. It is also your responsibility to ensure the safety of employees and others is not compromised.


We can help you check an employee is medically fit to do their job, whether it is safety or non safety critical.


Examples of roles that require fitness to work assessments are:


  •       fork lift truck driver
  •       plant operative
  •       confined space worker
  •       scaffolder
  •       crane operator
  •       banksman/traffic marshall
  •       food handler


The benefits to your company include:



      ✓   prevention of workplace accidents and injury


      ✓   prevention of litigation and prosecution


      ✓   protection of your company's product and reputation


      ✓   enhanced company image as compliant with legislation




Our specialist fitness to work service can meet your requirements by


  • attending the worksite to minimise business disruption


  • interpreting completed health questionnaires specific to the job
    in question


  • conducting a health assessment as required


  • conducting health surveillance tests with fully calibrated
    and serviced equipment


  • providing a Fitness to Work certificate following assessment


  • providing health information advice sheets to encourage health protective behaviour and early reporting of ill health symptoms


  • providing guidance on appropriate risk reduction measures


  • maintaining a recall system to ensure employees do not miss future fitness to work assessments


  • securely filing occupational health clinical records at Bell Work

          Health premises, unless otherwise agreed