Display Screen Workstation Assessments



We can give constructive advice on the management of workstation issues, assisting your business to meet legal responsibilities under the Display Screen Equipment Regulations (1992/2002)


The HSE state that the employer must undertake workstation risk assessments to prevent employees experiencing musculoskeletal conditions, eyesight problems and stress. Where
risks are found the employer must take appropriate action to
eliminate or control the risk.


Software applications that direct self assessment of display screen workstations do not always resolve difficulties that may be encountered when working with a computer.


Vulnerable employees such as disabled workers, pregnant women and those with pre-existing conditions in particular may not receive the problem solving assessment and guidance they need.


Bell Work Health can provide this service and advise on how

best to invest in workstation equipment.



  • the employee is referred to Bell Work Health following completion of the management referral and consent process


  • the employee is visited at work at a convenient time


  • a consultation is conducted with the employee  and clinical

    assessment may be performed


  • the workstation, environment, employee's posture and
    how the work tasks are carried out are assessed


  • the employee is advised on how to set up their workstation
    to minimise the risk of injury and any necessary immediate
    adjustments are made


  • advice and exercises are given on how to prevent and
    manage work related health conditions


  • a report is provided to the line manager and employee which
    details necessary actions. A list of known suppliers may be
    provided if the sourcing of equipment is suggested.